Strategic Performance Consultant Roles


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There are many roles that an effective Strategic Performance Consultant has. If you are a corporate trainer moving into the role of a Strategic Performance Consultant, you may need to sharpen your skills in simultaneously juggling many different projects and switching functions.

Blending and switching roles

The Performance Consultant role falls into four general areas:

  1. Learning Strategist
  2. Business Partner
  3. Project Manager
  4. Professional Specialist

Strategic Performance Consultant as a Learning Strategist

  • Determines how workplace learning and performance improvement can best be leveraged to achieve long-term business success and add value to meet organizational needs.
  • Leads in the planning and implementing learning and performance improvement strategies to support the organization’s strategic direction.
  • Analyzes the effectiveness of learning and performance improvement strategies and makes recommendations for future strategy.

Strategic Performance Consultant as a Business Partner

  • Applies business and industry knowledge to partner with the internal client in identifying workplace performance improvement opportunities.
  • Evaluates possible solutions and recommends solutions that will positively impact performance.
  • Gains internal client agreement and commitment to the proposed solutions and collaboratively develops an overall implementation strategy.
  • Evaluates solutions against business performance.
  • Uses appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods to build effective long-term relationships with the internal client.

Strategic Performance Consultant as a Project Manager

  • • Plans, resources, and monitors the effective delivery of learning and performance solutions in a way that supports the overall business venture
    • Communicates purpose
    • Ensures effective execution of an implementation plan
    • Removes barriers
    • Ensures adequate support and follow up.

Strategic Performance Consultant as a Professional Specialist

  • Designs, develops, delivers, or evaluates learning and performance solutions.
  • Maintains and applies an in-depth working knowledge in any workplace learning and performance specialty areas of expertise, including career development, talent management, coaching, designing or delivering learning solutions, improving human performance, leading organizational change, and knowledge management.
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